We are pleased to announce the further expansion of our bereavement care training programme and now offer one-day training workshops specifically aimed at doulas: Pregnancy loss and the death of a baby: Sands training for doulas

Our first doula training day held in March in Hull with members of the Goodwin Volunteer Doula Project.  The day received excellent feedback with all of the doulas feeling more confident in communicating sensitively and effectively with bereaved parents having attended this day. We will use all of the feedback from this day to inform any required refinements before delivering further workshops. Find dates of upcoming one-day training workshops for doulas.

Ronnie Turner, Sands Improving Bereavement Care Manager, said:

 “We were encouraged to receive several training enquiries from the doula community following the launch of our new Sands bereavement training programme last year. So, we decided to create a one-day workshop especially designed for doulas.  Doulas have an important role to play if they are supporting expectant parents who experience the death of their baby, and also when supporting parents in subsequent pregnancies who need additional care. Doulas can complement the support given by healthcare professionals; with additional knowledge and insight gained from training, they can help to ensure that parents receive both the emotional and practical support and care they need. We hope our new doula workshop will positively add to the already excellent care that doulas give.”

All our workshops are run by skilled facilitators who use film, audio clips, presentation, discussion, reflection and group exercises to enable participants to develop the knowledge, insight and skills to provide high quality, sensitive care to parents whose baby dies, either before, during or shortly after birth. 

The doula workshop has been designed to take participants on a journey that starts with considering the  unique impact of grief in childbearing loss.  Participants hear a bereaved parents’ perspective from an invited speaker, and look at the wider impact of a baby’s death on parents and their families. They are shown how to utilise sensitive and effective communication skills to  support parents at the point of loss and beyond.

Participants go on to explore the many different ways that bereaved parents can create memories of their baby, and the skills involved in enabling parents to navigate their way through the many difficult choices they have to make. The journey also looks at important aspects of on-going care for parents including during subsequent pregnancies. 

If you are a Doula or are involved with a Doula network and want to set up training in your area, please contact the Sands training team: training.professionals@uk-sands.org