Although we will be unable to run regional events around the UK this year, we still want to see you! Book yourself onto one of our networking events: Sands and Covid-19 - Impact and Response.

These online mini-conferences will be happening throughout July, at a range of times and days to suit all schedules. The events are aimed at Sands volunteers and other engaged supporters, such as fundraisers, or health professionals who want to work more closely with Sands at a national or regional level.


What are these events about?

Clea and other staff will talk about the impact Covid-19 has had on bereavement care and support, and its potential impact on perinatal mortality. We will discuss the financial impact of Covid-19 on Sands and the savings that need to be made. We will also recognise the opportunities the crisis has created, in terms of building a shared understanding of isolation and grief, and in terms of raising awareness and gaining momentum for changes to the ways we work. The events will be interactive. You will have the chance to ask questions and focus on specific areas of interest. 


Here's what volunteers have said about regional days in 2018

Janine, Treasurer of Fife Sands said:

“At the Networking Day, I enjoyed getting to see some of the other volunteers, and meeting Sands staff, putting faces to names I’ve seen in emails. It was of great benefit to meet people from across the network, and see how other groups do things and sharing ideas to try ourselves. I found out what’s happening in the wider area, and not just focussing on Fife.”

“Clea Harmer (Sands Chief Executive) is such a passionate speaker, and really energises everyone. It’s good to find out how much good has been done across the country, and it’s very inspiring. When volunteering, your energy starts to flag, but going to a Networking Day galvanises you and gives you new energy to keep going.”

Jane, Befriender and committee member for Cheshire East Sands, who attended the Networking Day in Birmingham in June, said:  
“This was my second network day. I enjoyed getting together with other groups and speaking to people from head office, and seeing how we link and work together. It was great to find out what is happening in the world of Sands.  It was so useful to share practical ideas between groups, each other and head office. We were looking for memorial event ideas and love the idea of a bubble release.”

Hilary, Treasurer for Bristol Sands, who attended the Networking Day in Bristol in June, said:
“I always find it inspiring to meet Clea and witness her passion and drive to improve what Sands can achieve. It's great to hear about the big picture of National Sands. There is so much more going on than just the local groups. It helps to understand and appreciate how hard it is to oversee it all when each group has their own idiosyncrasies but also need to be part of the whole network.
It's an opportunity to meet the volunteers from other areas and hear about the great work that is going on. It's good to share all our fantastic ideas and adapt things we learn from others and make them work in our area. It is also good to hear about projects that have been completed that are similar to those that we are about to embark on - helps us get an idea of what to do and learn from any mistakes. We can take the best bits from other projects!
Meet staff - it’s so lovely to put a face to a name and it makes it feel much more personal. The staff are also passionate about Sands, just like us bereaved parents and volunteers. Everyone is desperate to improve and reach our core aims.
The Networking Day made me feel enthusiastic for the future and inspired to achieve locally and further afield as part of the collective network. I can't wait to attend Sands conference in November and be involved in more discussions and continue to feel part of Sands and all the amazing things we achieve together.”
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