1. I am interested in a taking part in #challenge15. How do I sign up?

To sign up for #challenge15 and get your fundraising pack, please tell us what you are doing on our registration page. If you have any questions about your event before you complete the form please contact Maddie or Vicky at teamsands@sands.org.uk, or call 020 3897 6092

2. Do I have to stick to a certain way of completing #challenge15 if I change my mind?

No. The beauty of #challenge15 is that the event is what you make it. Be as creative as you want and mix up your miles as much as you like. If you’re concerned about anything do get in touch – we are here to support you every step of the way.

3. Is there a time limit of how long I take to complete 15 miles?

Sands is asking everyone taking part in #challenge15 to complete 15 miles between 15th January and 15th March ‘18 -  so whether you decide to do 15 miles in one day, a mile a day over 15 days or across a month (or two!)  – you can do it your way.

4. Can I do it as a team?

Yes - With #challenge 15 you have the freedom to take part in your own, or with as many people as you want – you do it your way and we look forward to seeing a wide variety of different events taking place all over the country.

5. How do I get a t-shirt or running vest for my event?

Once you have registered your fundraising we will be able to provide you with a t-shirt and/or running vest.

6. What sizes are the Sands t-shirts and running vests?

T-shirts (Unisex)

Ladies Running Vest

Men’s Running Vest

Small – 35/37”

Medium – 38/40”

Large – 41/43”

X-Large – 44/46”

XX-Large – 47/49”

Small – 37”

Medium – 39”

Large – 41”

X-Large – 43”

XX-Large – 45”

Small – 37”

Medium – 40

Large – 43”

X-Large – 45”

XX-Large – 47”

Please contact us at teamsands@sands.org.uk, or call on 020 3897 6092 to order children’s t-shirts. 

7. From registering my interest for #challenge15, how long will it be till I am registered on the event?

A member of the Challenge Events Team will be in touch within 3 working days to help you kick start your #challenge15 journey. In the meantime you can set up your JustGiving page from our dedicated #challenge15 team page at www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/sands/challenge15

8. How do I set up an online fundraising page?

To set up your own page, we'd prefer you to use our JustGiving page. It really is very quick and simple to set up, and a safe way for your family and friends to donate. Email us for more online donation fundraising tips.

9. I’ve registered. Now when will I receive my fundraising pack?

You will receive your fundraising pack on average within 7 days after you have registered your event.  Please get in touch if you've not received this after 14 days.

10. Is there a fundraising target?

Yes! We are wanting to raise £15,000 from #challenge15 Sands is asking everyone involved to commit to raising £150 - so if you were to ask 10 people to sponsor you just £1 a mile you’ve already reached your target (!). Our team are here to support you every step of the way to help you achieve your personal target. If you are having problems reaching your target or want extra advice or fundraising resources, please do get in touch; we will be able to provide you with ideas and strategies to increase your fundraising.

11. Where will my money go?

A massive #challenge15 thank you for signing up to support Sands. Please do not underestimate the value of your committment; without people like you doing amazing things to raise money we would not be able to continue to support anyone affected by the death of a baby, improve the bereavement care received by parents and families, nor promote research to reduce the number of babies dying. 

The money you raise will help towards funding research to reduce the number of babies dying, funding bereavement training for healthcare professionals to make sure every parent from every background receives equally excellent bereavement care, offering local support for bereaved families, providing free support, including Family Support Packs and a Sands memory box to collect keepsakes to help families remember their precious baby.

Everything we do relies on people like you so your support is absolutely vital and we really can’t thank you enough for helping us to continue the work we do. 

12. How do I get extra resources for my event?

To get extra resources for your event please email e: fundraising@sands.org.uk or call t: 0203 897 6092. Please note that for extra t-shirts and running vests we usually ask for a donation of £4.50 per t-shirt.  Cycle jerseys and technical t-shirts are available to buy from our online shop.

13. What happens if my garment doesn’t fit?

Try your vest as soon as you receive your fundraising pack and then contact us for an alternative size as soon as you can. We always do our best to replace any running vests that do not fit, however please be aware depending on notice we may not be able to get a replacement to you by the time of your event. We also ask that you return the top that does not fit to us at: Sands Fundraising, PO Box 243, Boston, PE21 1EU.

14. I have an injury and now I can’t take part in the event I signed up for. What should I do?

Please contact Maddie or Vicky at e: teamsands@sands.org.uk, t: 020 3897 6092 as soon as possible to let us know you can’t take part so we can update our records.

15. What support will I receive from Sands?

You will receive a personalised fundraising pack and resources, a shout-out on Facebook, pre and post event support; and our Fundraising Team available to help you every step of the way. During your fundraising you will receive updates from our team and you’re always welcome to contact us with any questions.

16. How do I let you know I’ve finished my 15 miles and my fundraising?

Once you have completed your 15 miles and your fundraising, let us know by contacting teamsands@sands.org.uk and we will send you an official thank you and certificate.

17. Do I have to prove I’ve completed 15miles?

You don’t have to prove you’ve completed 15 miles – but you can record your miles on your phone or apps such as Strava so you can show your supporters all the hard work you’ve done. Join our #TeamSands Strava group: www.strava.com/clubs/teamsands

18. How can I pay in my sponsorship money?

You can pay your sponsorship money in by various means. Either through your online fundraising page, by cash at a branch of your local Lloyds, by BACS payment, by paying in your monies over the phone, or by sending the money in via a cheque made payable to ‘Sands’. (Please be advised we do not advise sending any lose money by post). To find out how to pay in monies and for any more information please email e: fundraising@sands.org.uk or call t: 0203 897 6092.

19. I've just taken part in #challenge15 for you and I want to do another event - what shall I do?

That’s is amazing that you want to take on another event for Sands. Thank you! Feel free to talk to our team e: teamsands@sands.org.uk or t: 0203 897 6092 or visit our website for ideas. Once you have your idea let us know by completing our registration form.

20. Who do I contact if I have any other issues?

For any other issues, contact the Challenge Events Team email e: teamsands@sands.org.uk or call t: 0203 897 6092.