Sands could not achieve its goals without our team of incredibly dedicated volunteers.

Sands Groups and Befrienders

There are around 100 local Sands Groups across the UK, organised into ten regional Networks, and these Groups operate as the front line for several of our services.

All our Groups are run entirely by volunteers who give up their time to support others, promote Sands to healthcare professionals, and fundraise to support the aims of the charity. Many Groups have existed for a long time, and they are the key reason why the charity has now grown to its current status, where we are beginning to make a real impact at a national level.

The first priority for many Groups is to provide peer support for other bereaved parents at the time when they need it most. Sands trained befrienders are linked to the Groups, and they offer support through a range of meetings, events, telephone, and email befriending. Befriending is an emotionally demanding role, but a crucial part of what makes us Sands.

The other key role Sands volunteers perform is to build and maintain links to local healthcare professionals. The amazing work these volunteers do means our Improving Bereavement Care Training is promoted across the country, and bereaved parents get access to Sands support literature and Sands Memory Boxes.

Sands Groups are also lead on local fundraising, both running their own events, and inspiring others to fundraise on behalf of the charity. It is always inspiring to see the incredible lengths our fundraisers go to in supporting the aims of Sands.

We are currently working on the latest version of our Network Newsletters. Check back when they are published to read about the work of Sands Groups around the UK.

Volunteer events team

Our volunteer events team travel around the country to support our fundraisers at events. They're fantastic at inspiring our fundraisers at events, and also help raise awareness of the issues surrounding baby death.

Volunteer Knitters

Sadly, demand for blankets for our Always Loved, Never Forgotten memory boxes is constant. Our volunteer knitters devote their own time to knit and crochet blankets which bring real comfort to parents after the death of a baby.