Sands regularly receives requests for help with research into aspects of stillbirth and neonatal death. Requests include assistance in recruiting participants and advising on specific aspects of a proposed study. 

While we welcome research activities in this important area, we have the capacity to support only those projects that aim to:

  • reduce the numbers of babies dying, or
  • improve bereavement care.

We have a procedure to allow us to identify projects in line with our aims, so that we can direct our resources in a thoughtful and consistent manner. Our procedure is designed also to flag issues that may cause upset or harm to bereaved parents and their families.

This procedure does not cover requests for direct funding, which you can find more information about on the research funding page. Please note that we are not currently accepting research funding applications.


In order to request support from Sands for your project, please complete our 'Research request’ form, describing your project and the support requested. If you have any questions about the form, please email Please also send completed forms to this email address.

We will consider the request within Sands to ensure it is in line with our aims and also send it to an external reviewer with expertise in your area of research. The reviewer will advise whether there are any reasons why Sands should not associate itself with the research.


Sands is accountable to its trustees and members and to those who raise funds to support our work. Therefore, it is important that we justify our involvement with research projects. If we are able to help with your project, we will ask for:

  • regular updates on progress of the project (timings to be agreed)
  • notification of changes to the protocol
  • notification of abstracts and papers entering the public domain
  • a summary of final results
  • an appraisal of Sands’ involvement – what went well and what could be improved – so we can learn lessons for future projects.


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