We are delighted to report that we now have five English and one Welsh Network Convenors.  These roles are part-time paid posts and form part of a one year pilot project to see how we can best support Sands Groups, improve communication and identify further ways of developing the Network structure. 

The pilot aims to develop contact through Network Calls, hold a Network Day for each network and look at other ways of improving communication.   We have already seen an uptake in participation in the Network Calls and the organisation of the Network Days is well under way.

The Network Convenors are also getting in touch with every Sands Group for a one-to-one chat to see if there are any issues they can help with and ensure our records are up to date.

If you are part of a Sands Group and want to contact the Network Convenor for your area please see below:

North Network

Deb Crawley m: 07514 754 846

Ashleigh Corker m: 07514 741 349

e: northnetwork@uk-sands.org

South Network

Cathy Milburn

m: 07514 759 787

e: southnetwork@uk-sands.org


East Network

Position vacant

e: eastnetwork@uk-sands.org

West Network: Lisa Brayshaw

Lisa Brayshaw

m: 07514 741 353

e: westnetwork@uk-sands.org

Wales Network:

Heatherjane Coombs

m: 07709602635

e: welshnetwork@uk-sands.org

The person here has stepped down, we may have a new name before the e-newsletter goes out, if not soon after so will need to update then.