The death of a baby or any loved one is difficult to bear at any time of the year. Yet at Christmas, with so much emphasis on children, families, sharing happy times together, those feelings of grief can often seem more acute.

Each year in December, we hold Lights of Love services in churches across the country so that families can come to remember their babies at a non–denominational service.  

For those who have not had the opportunity to attend a Lights of Love service before, these are evenings of traditional carols, reading and musical performances. There will once again be Christmas trees on which to hang messages for loved ones and the opportunity at most of the venues to  light a tealight in memory of your baby or loved one.

There is no charge to attend the service.

Sponsor a Light of Love

We are inviting you to sponsor a light, you can choose to have your light and message card  at any of our venues.

If you are unable to attend a Lights of Love event you can still sponsor a light and have your message card put on a tree on your behalf.

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