The Health Select Committee has launched an enquiry into complaints and litigation and Sands would like to know your views by December 15th

The Health Select Committee oversees the operations of the Department of Health and regularly runs enquiries into aspects of the health service. It has recently launched an enquiry into ‘complaints and litigation’ and has asked Sands to respond to questions it has about rising costs of litigation and whether the current hospital complaint system is satisfactory to patients.

If you have experience of either the complaints system at your local hospital or trust, or have been through the litigation process after the death of your baby, please email Charlotte Bevan at and share your views with us. .

What do we want to know?

  • Why did you go through the complaints/litigation process after your baby died?
  • Were you supported in going through the complaints process by PALS/hospital staff?
  • Did you feel your complaints were dealt with in a transparent and timely way?
  • Did you receive an adequate response to your questions and concerns?
  • If the hospital admitted some culpability, were you assured that the hospital/trust learnt lessons from your case?
  • Do you have any ideas for a more open reporting and learning culture within the NHS?

Thank you for your support.