5 ways to help someone whose baby has died

Talk about their baby

When someone’s baby has died, it can be hard for others to find the words to say. This can add to feelings of isolation, so simply saying how sorry you are can really help.

Let them know you are thinking about them 

A simple text, card or email goes a long way. If you know them well, you might want to call them and ask how they are. It’s okay to ask ‘How are you?’

Offer practical help 

When a baby dies it can be very hard for parents and families to do everyday tasks such as walking the dog, going shopping or cleaning the house. Offer to help in a practical way.

Going back to work

If you know a colleague whose baby has died you may want to let them know how sorry you are. If you’re an employer find out how best to support your staff and volunteers.

Access information and support by phone

Anyone affected by the death of a baby can call the Sands Helpline on 0808 164 3332, email: helpline@sands.org.uk, visit Online Community www.sands.community and download our Sands Bereavement Support App for expert information and support.

Baby death is still a taboo subject, we want to change that. We support bereaved parents and families from across the UK and from many different walks of life. One thing many of them have in common is that they feel isolated from their close friends and family after their baby has died. If you know someone you think has been affected by the death of a baby, please let them know you are thinking about them and offer to help.

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